We are proud to be a local delivery partner for NCS and have been a part of the programme since the pilot phase in 2012. We are now working in Accrington, County Durham, Northamptonshire, Suffolk and Milton Keynes. We have worked with approximately 2000 NCS graduate young people so far and through the fantastic guidance of our team leaders and volunteers, supported them to achieve over 60,000 hours of social action in their communities. 2016 will see our programme grow and there will be over 600 adults involved from Team Leaders to Volunteers guiding nearly 3000 young people through their NCS journey. We believe the outcomes UFA NCS young people achieve are largely down to the high quality delivery from you, creating an environment for them to meet new challenges, grow in confidence and skills and make a difference to others. We have developed this website to be your portal for information and support to enable you to be some of the best providers in the country. This site is new and we would welcome your feedback through the contact us page. 

 About this Website

Welcome, as a member of UFA's NCS delivery team this website is for you! It is a source for you to get the infomation and resouces you need to support your delivery and help you be the best you can for your team of young people. You can also upload your documents and stories to share your experiences and to find out more about how we can support your professional development in your role. Its a place for learning, sharing and being inspired by your colleagues and the young people we work with. As a member of the UFA's NCS team we already know you have been choosen for the skills, experiences and inspiration you can bring to the team. We hope this website will support you to make a difference to the lives of the young people you work with. The site has been launched in February 2014, so use the contact us button to tell us what you think and ideas of how we can make it more useful to you.


What is NCS?

NCS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity open to all 16 & 17 year olds in England, that helps build their skills for work and life, while they take on new challenges and meet new friends.
It runs in the spring, summer and autumn. They have a short time away from home and take part in a team project that will help your community. www.ncsyes.co.uk

 UFA since it started in 1996 has worked with 50 local authority areas, over 2000 schools and youth organisations and over 500,000 young people have participated in UFA activities.


UFA NCS 6 Key Principles:

Collectively our Principles create a unique experience for young people...

1. Social Mixing

Providing young people with the opportunity to mix and build  relationships with people from different social backgrounds;

2. Challenge

Putting young people through a series of challenging activities to take them out of their comfort zone and develop strength of character;

3. Increased responsibility and independence

Providing a progressive journey that hands over more responsibility to young people as the programme progresses and develops the leadership skills necessary to succeed in the workplace;

4. Reflection

Encouraging young people to reflect, supporting them to learn from their experiences and become more resilient, confident and more effective in their decisions and relationships;

5. Social Action

Enabling young people to connect with and get involved in their communities and develop skills that are useful for future employment;

6. Inspiration

Encouraging young people to flourish after NCS – continuing to mix, contribute to their community and achieve personal goals.

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